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Ann Doria (Script Supervisor) on set of "Abduction" in Shunde, China.
Babette on something
Babette Stith (Script Supervisor) on set of "Better Things (S2)"

A Skillset NOT A Software

Script Supervising is a skillset, not a software. Just as purchasing lavaliers & a mixer doesn’t instantly make one a professional Sound Mixer, neither does purchasing scripting software make one a professional Script Supervisor.

Producers, Directors, & Editors have shared “horror stories” of projects that suffered when an unqualified person claimed to be a script supervisor by virtue of downloading/learning scripting software, yet they lacked the actual skillset needed to execute the role.

Many professional script supervisors still use pencil-&-paper. Many professional script supervisors now use digital software. All professional script supervisors can execute the job’s essential skills without being a liability to production, whether digital or paper.

While software like “PeterSkarratt” & “ScriptE” help professional script supervisors condense their tasks, no software teaches nor represents the work of a professional script supervisor. Know your Script Supervisor’s experience-level & skillset (whether digital or pencil-&-paper), as not to cost production more in the end.


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  • NOTE: For low budget or student projects, we will find a script supervisor whose  skill-level matches & is appropriate for the allotted budget. (If you have additional questions about “trainee” rates vs “professional” rates for our department, feel free to contact us for additional info.)

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Lori at setup with callsheet
Lori Denil (Script Supervisor) on set of "Day 13"


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